Girls feel good factor

Embracing our uniqueness

  • Building self confidence 
  • Greater understanding in self, body image/ body shape 
  • Building self-belief and self care 
  • Expressing inner beauty 
  • Releasing creativity 
  • Fun in exercise

Boys feel good factor

Respecting self, respecting others

  • How to construct your self-identity 
  • Learning to express yourself with confidence 
  • Healthy living and exercise
  • Learning how to learn and critical thinking 
  • Anger management 
  • Self-management
  • Fun and camaraderie

Mixed-group feel good factor

Building each other up

  • Celebrating individuality
  • Learning to express feelings/emotions 
  • Stepping out of comfort zones 
  • Healthy minds and positive thinking 
  • Anger and Fear management 
  • Developing creativity  
  • Team building

Ninja School

Ancient traditions for the modern world

  • Learn discipline
  • Develop fitness, stamina, and strength
  • Learn physical and mental skills
  • Learn resilience
  • Manage anger and self-doubt
  • Self defence
  • Fun and respectful atmosphere
  • Earn belts and certificates all the way from Japan!

1-2-1 Mentoring for children

  • Learn social and life skills
  • Connect with a wider community
  • Learn to how succeed
  • Learn how to manage your time
  • Develop self belief
  • Learn to focus your energy
  • A listening ear